Melodrama Final Performances

Yesterday, after 3 weeks of hard work, 9Wu performed their original melodrama plays for their classmates and other grade 9 students! One play dealt with a villain seeking revenge on a train, another explored tax fraud and a secret plot to expose a powerful company and the last was a Star Wars melodrama! All very exciting, entertaining and unique ways of using melodrama conventions and style. Here are a few photos of the performances:

Improv Olympics Winners & Melodrama Script Writing

Before the holiday, Grade 8 students took part in the Improv Olympics, which also served as their Unit 1 final assessment performance. This week, the winners were announced! Congratulations to the improv champs and to all the grade 8s for taking on such a challenging style of theatre. Check out the winners below:

This week, the Grade 9s started their final melodrama assessment. They are currently in the script-writing phase and will soon begin rehearsing their original plays. These plays will be performed in front of an invited audience in a few weeks! Here are some shots of play-writing in action, as well as the assessment task guidelines:

The Original Drama Queens – Melodrama Assessment Tasks


LIVE Cast List

The cast list for CISB StageCats’ production of LIVE has officially been released. This is StageCats’ second production of the season, set for November 24th and 25th. With 47 actors and over 20 backstage members, it is sure to be an exciting and rewarding experience for all involved. Check out the list below:


Asides + Scenes from a Hat

The Grade 9s are continuing their melodrama unit this week by learning about how to incorporate asides into a script. An aside is a short or long speech delivered by an actor directly to the audience; it is used to reveal the inner thoughts of the character, and other characters onstage are not aware of the contents of the speech. Below are some action shots of the aside writing/ rehearsal process:

The Grade 8s are bringing all of the improv skills they learned throughout the unit together in a performance game called “Scenes from a Hat.” In this game, students are given a general topic and must plan an improv scene in only one minute! It is very challenging, but a great way to show understanding of improv skills and 5-step scene structure.


Waiting in the Wings – A StageCats Collaboration

Have you ever wondered what it’s like backstage before the big show?  The CISB StageCats invite you to join them behind the red curtain for a unique theatre experience:

A mysterious group of backstage spirits haunting the auditorium…

A stressful stage-manager making sure everything’s ready to go…

A dreamy director giving instructions no one understands…

And two actors who just can’t get their perfect KISS…

Will they be able to perfect their love story before the curtain opens?

Join us in the wings of the CISB Auditorium to find out on September 20th, 22nd and 23rd!

CISB StageCats are very proud to present…“Waiting in the Wings” – a collaborative piece created and work-shopped by CISB students! Get your tickets from the Front Desk in the lobby starting Monday, September 4th.

See you backstage!

WITW - Poster 1WITW - Sean Poster A3WITW Poster - Bella A3

MYP Theatre Class Update!

Both grade 8 and 9 classes have been delving into their Theatre units this week!

Grade 8s have been inquiring into how to use improv techniques like accepting, advancing and making offers to tell a creative and interesting story to the audience. They have been taking part in collaborative performances like Sound Effects and Freeze. Check out some action shot below!

Grade 9 students have been exploring melodrama this week. They are currently working on using melodrama gestures like grief, fear and evil sneaking in a planned improv. Their goal is to use these gestures to reveal more about the characters’ personalities and emotions, as well as to enhance the story. Below are some photos of their skits: