Grade 9

MYP Units:

Unit 1 – The Original Drama Queens

In this unit, students learn about the theatre style melodrama, including asides, stock characters, melodrama gestures and plot structure. They also explore whether or not ancient theatrical styles can be applied to modern day stories by creating a performance that is set in present day, but uses melodrama techniques.

Unit 2- Fear Factor

This unit is all about using voice to create suspense. Students explore techniques for building tension, listen to radio dramas, watch horror movie clips and apply vocal techniques to given text. At the end of the unit, students create their own horror radio dramas and write a reflection on the experience.

Unit 3 – That’s Epic

Students learn about epic theatre by practicing techniques and learning about the history of the form. They then apply this knowledge to their final performance, which must center on a moral, social or political issue that would be meaningful to an audience of middle school students.


*New pictures coming trimester 3!