UPDATE! – Grade 8 & 9

Both of our units are in full swing in the drama classroom! Grade 8 students have spent the past 2 weeks answering our factual question “what is improv?” in theory, but also in practice. They have learned how to accept the ideas of scene partners (or say “yes”), how to advance scenes through detailed statements and questions, and how to make offers to their fellow actors through strong vocal and physical choices. Next week, we will focus on how to create  improv scenes using the 5-step scene structure and continue our work on generating creative and innovative ideas.

In grade 9, students have been learning traditional melodrama gestures, as well as creating their own new gestures. We have also begun work on portraying stock characters such as the hero and villain through voice, body language and facial expression. Students have begun using their transfer skills to create short skits using melodrama stock characters and gestures. We will continue this work next week, while also discussing the components of the melodrama plot structure.

Overall, it has been a successful first few weeks in the theatre classroom. Stay tuned for the next update! 🙂

StageCats Season 6!

After a whirlwind season in 2018-2019 (see Sweeney Todd, I Don’t Want to Talk About It, and Godspell), the CISB StageCats are changing it up this year! In order to give all age groups and skill levels a chance to shine, our season will be divided into 3 categories: StageCats Ensemble (grades 9-12 enrichment), StageCats Junior (grades 6-8) and StageCats Senior (grades 9-12). Here are the production details:

Productions 1 & 2

Almost, Maine – full-length play – StageCats Ensemble
Elf the Musical Jr. – musical for grades 6-8 – StageCats Junior

*Shows will run in rep from November 19th – November 23rd, beginning with Elf.

Production 3

TBA – full-length musical – StageCats Senior

*April 24th – April 25th

We are very excited about these new developments, and can’t wait for all of our StageCats to have their chance in the spotlight! Rehearsals are already underway for Almost, Maine and auditions for Elf the Musical Jr. begin next week, with the final cast list coming out next Friday, September 6th!

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AND check out these photos from StageCats’ 5 Year Celebration at the end of last school year!




Welcome Back!

We are back at it in the CISB Theatre classroom! Grade 8s and 9s have been getting to know their classmates through fun, high-energy drama games and activities. We also took a look at classroom expectations in a creative way by making tutorial videos for a grade 6 audience (pictures below).

Next week, we will be starting our first units. Grade 8s will be focusing on how to improvise in the unit Yes, And… – they will use this skill to put on a final improv performance for the grade 6 students using the service learning framework! Grade 9 students will discover how the theatrical style of melodrama is used in a modern context in our unit Drama Queens by creating plays, short films or soap opera episodes for their final assessment at the end of the trimester.

Welcome back everyone. 🙂

StageCats 5 Year Celebration!

It’s hard to believe that this is the end of StageCats’ 5th season! Over the past 5 years, the StageCats have put on 13 productions, 5 pocket performances and have seen 215 students participate in the program – and we think that is cause for a celebration!

Join us on Monday, June 10th at 6pm in the CISB auditorium for an evening of awards, interviews, videos, and of course, performances from all past productions.

Let’s celebrate the amazing work, talent and passion of CISB students!

5 Year Celebration Poster

Godspell Cast List

After a short mid-winter break, the StageCats are back and ready to tackle their spring musical Godspell. Over the past couple of weeks, students have been taking part in auditions, callbacks and initial rehearsals. We are very excited to be working on such a classic musical, and even more excited to announce that we will have a live student rock band for this production! #StageCatsdoGodspell

Here is the final cast, crew and band list!

godspell cast listgodspell cast list 2

Grade 8 – Formative Assessment – Story Improv

All grade 8 students recently completed a formative performance assessment, which required students to perform an improvised scene using all the improv skills covered in class, as well as incorporate a narrator. This challenging performance will prepare students for their summative assessment performances, which will begin next week! For more detail on the assessment, take a look at the guidelines below. Yes And - Formative Assessment Task - Improv Skills